We offer Christian counseling to our members and anyone in the community.

Pastor Joseph Fricke would be happy to talk about how the Bible gives answers to specific problems of life.  Call the office at 608-847-4108 to set up an appointment.

Call 1-888-685-9522, Wisconsin Lutheran Child & Family Services, for help in locating a Christian therapist in your area.


Since the Bible tells us to baptize, St. Paul's church is happy to baptize any children or adults in the community.  Simply phone us at 608-847-4108 or e-mail Pastor Fricke to set up a day and time.

Baptisms can occur either in worship service Sunday morning or privately at any time throughout the week.  There is no cost for a baptism at St. Paul's.

Why be baptized?  God says that through baptism children and adults receive many blessings including the Holy Spirit which strengthens and gives faith, new life and forgiveness.

Even newborn children need baptism because they are sinful and need baptism (Psalm 51:5), they can and do believe and Jesus' command to baptize all nations includes them (Matthew 28:19).


Getting married is one of the great blessings that God has given us in this life.  Our congregation is here to bring God's word to such joyous occasions.

We will handle the weddings where the bride or groom is a member or where the couple is interested in membership in our congregation.

When those getting married are not members they must agree to attend a Bible information class to study what the Bible says.  At the completion of that course individuals can decide whether they wish to join our congregation or not.

Every couple must meet with a pastor to talk about wedding arrangements and have several sessions of pre-marital counseling in which communication skills and the biblical concept of marriage are presented.  These meetings are also opportunities for Pastor Fricke to get to know the couple so the service and sermon can best match the couple's situation.

Everyone should contact the church to set a date before other plans with halls etc. are made to make sure the day and pastor are available.

Our facility can seat 100 people and has air conditioning.

Please call (608-847-4108) and set up an appointment with Pastor Fricke to get specific details and to have your questions answered.


“I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die” (John 11:25,26).

Please call Pastor Fricke or Pastor Wilke to get specific details on funeral services at St. Paul's.